To be human is to communicate.


We are a team of linguists, teachers, translators and interpreters and we believe that if someone can speak one language, they can learn to speak other languages as well.

Motivation is the key.
We design personalized language crash courses taking into account the end goals of individual students.
Students should always remember what they are studying for.
High motivation helps to get the desired result fast.
We work both with those who want to learn a foreign language from the very beginning and with those who want to improve their knowledge for a specific purpose.
We make our courses with the intent to give students the feeling of freedom and ease when speaking a foreign language. Mistakes are unavoidable but they should be considered as a tool of learning rather than an obstacle.
Our approach:

50% math + 50% psychology
'Math' means:
We focus on the word frequency principle and select terms based on their overall importance for the specific topic.
'Psychology' means:
We try to give the student "the feel" of the language. The student should feel encouraged rather than controlled while studying.
We search for a 'point of entry'.
From the very beginning of the course we are looking for how a student can relate to the culture and mentality of the speakers of a particular language.
Effecient education should not be excessively time-consuming.
Keeping the end goal of the student in mind, we subdivide the whole learning process into sprint modules with a measurable result, so that there is always a sense of achievement.
No language exists in a vacuum.
History and mentality of a nation shape the language, and language shapes them in return.These cultural interactions are incorporated into the education process as well.
Who are we?
Dmitry Petrov is a renowned linguist and a polyglot. He is the author of a method of accelerated learning of languages. He wrote the books “The Magic of the Word” and “The Language of the World”, as well as a series of training courses of foreign languages for Russian speakers and Russian for speakers of other languages.

Mr. Petrov holds the Award of Russia’s Government for his achievements in the field of education and the Teffy Award for the best educational project on TV. He is the author and host of the “Polyglot” reality show on Russian TV. The show is made up of courses of English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese and Hindi.
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